Saint Tropez CS/1845

With a refined shape, and available in a selection of elegant finishes, SAINT TROPEZ is a perfect fit for a sophisticated, yet playful, environment.

It features a polycarbonate shell enriched with a quilted relief effect. Remarkable ergonomics, soft lines, and slightly hinted armrests render it immensely comfortable.

With a variety of options for the base and the seat—there’s a SAINT TROPEZ for every design taste.

W 22½'' x D 20½'' x H 31½'' x HS 18⅛''
Saint Tropez Cs/1845

Saint Tropez Cs/1845


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W 22½'' x D 20½'' x H 31½'' x HS 18⅛'' A creative spirit, crossroads between form and function, distinguishes the SAINT TROPEZ chair, boasting atte...

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